A quick catch up post

June 22, 2009 at 9:40 am (art)

I have new work to post later today, but here are some random things from the last few weeks…

  1. I got mentioned in the Art in America blog, which is pretty hilarious. That’s me and Tom Beale at the Honey Space party, which was way fun. I’m drinking wormwood beer in that pic, yay!
  2. Elbow-toe finished his portrait of me, which is awesome:elbowtoeportrait
  3. My former gallery Bellwether announced they’re closing. I left the gallery about two years ago, so it doesn’t directly affect me… but it’s still weird and upsetting. I had a couple of people ask me if the news made me feel “happy” (?!!??) and erm, no. Not at all, not even for a moment, and actually the question really bothered me that anyone would think to ask it – much to the opposite, the news made me really terribly sad. I just hope everyone associated with the gallery is doing ok. (Also, on a slightly unrelated note: if anyone wants to arrange some kind of fundraiser for the former employees of galleries that are closing – and there have been a slew lately, with probably more to come – I’m in. Many of them are not qualified for unemployment benefits and were living hand-to-mouth anyway. I know there’s a stereotype of a gallery employee as being a trust fund kid, but I worked at galleries for a long time and believe me, there are plenty who are just scraping by. I would love to do something to help, but I have no idea what that is.)

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