Almost-new website

January 30, 2010 at 1:28 am (art, culture, drawing, interesting)

Yesterday I took a leap forward towards refashioning my life as something other than a person who merely treads water all the time: I bought a new computer. As I explained to some of my freshmen, the last time I had a new computer, they were in middle school. And then today, I started out on Part Two – redesigning my website.

Good god it’s a huge job. For starters, not having a decent computer for so long means I haven’t documented a lot of my work; and then there’s also the fact that I seem to work 24/7, so there’s so much stuff to be caught up on – we are talking literally a couple of hundred images that need to be added. It’s pretty overwhelming. Then add stuff like press, student work, texts… and well, there’s a reason why I’ve put this job off for so long.

But I almost have a decent start ready to go and premier to the world. My hope is that I’ll be done by this weekend and able to launch it, and then slowly chip away at what’s missing. I’m cheered by the fact that I will have an actual live, human intern this summer (well, I’m convinced she’s going to be offered an amazing and well-paid full time job the second she gets her diploma, but in case that doesn’t happen immediately I have her for a little bit) who I can have help me with this task.

I tend to torture myself with these endless questions of What am I doing with myself, what do I spend all my time on, am I accomplishing anything, and so forth. After sitting down and digging through all these images I feel like wow, well… I guess what I’ve been doing with my time is working. A lot.


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