New sunglasses

April 10, 2010 at 9:31 am (art, life, personal)

This is going to seem like the silliest thing to put in an art blog, but bear with me.

I bought a pair of ginormous bug-eyed prescription sunglasses. It wasn’t really my intention to do this when I walked into the Lenscrafters, but I’ve been needing new sunglasses for ever and this pair was on sale, and I’m always saying I want to try a different kind of glasses, so why not? So I got them, didn’t think too much, ordered the polarized lenses, and waited a week. They arrived two days ago.

Here’s why I mention it: Seeing the world through ginormous bug eyed glasses is a completely amazing and all-new experience. For starters, THE COLORS. I had forgotten how amazing sunglasses make all the colors look outside; that the sun sort of bleaches the color out of everything, and walking around with sunglasses on is a little like being Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when suddenly everything goes all technicolor. Blades of grass twinkle (the tips of the blades of grass now clearly a dark yellow unlike the base of the blade which is a fierce green with a little bit of blue), individual leaves up in trees shine and glisten…. it’s amazing. And then secondly, the field of vision is way bigger. I’ve been wearing smaller glasses forever and have totally forgotten that oh yeah, there’s a whole world that gets edited out when you see the world through 1 1/4″ lenses.

Anyway, I am psyched to see if this has any affect on my work. Already I’ve been planning on making some very large scale drawings, but now I’m thinking all about color – intense, pure color, the kind that makes your eyes pop out. And I pretty much never want to take the sunglasses off.


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