5/5/10: Random acts of kindness

May 5, 2010 at 9:52 am (dog, interesting, jersey city, life, Uncategorized)

One of the best things about living in Jersey City is that no one ever lets anything go to waste, and everyone I run into is just as frugal/stingy/broke as I am.

Case in point: The really awesome woman who came to the dog park yesterday and gave away something in the ballpark of 30 to 40 dog toys that her pug was completely uninterested in. Most people would have just thrown them away; instead, she carefully washed everything (they were practically brand new anyway), got into her car, and brought them over to give away to people she had never met.

Love that. Oscar took home three, and now he’s a very happy dog indeed. I’m keeping the rope/ball toy away from him til we go back into the park because it could really unleash some mayhem in the apartment, but he’s coveting his new squeaky snowman and cheeseburger:

I especially like that second picture because while he’s chewing on the snowman, you can tell he’s dreaming of the cheeseburger. It’s kind of Oscar’s life in a nutshell.


1 Comment

  1. Katie A. said,

    I am so full of indescribable joy right now. I want a squeaky cheeseburger toy!

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