5/24/10: More blog love

May 24, 2010 at 10:20 am (art, drawing, other sites to see, personal, Uncategorized)

Few people have been quite as supportive of my work as John Haber and his site Haber’s Art Reviews. Just yesterday, John updated a long article he has about me and my work, which spans the last five years.

It’s a little crazy for me to read an article that considers all the NYC shows I’ve had. The last five years have been nuts. I’ve barely had a chance to slow down and really think about them. I found it a little overwhelming to see this article, but also of course really wonderful and I’m so pleased that John would consider my work so seriously.

His lead story on his site is about the show I have up right now at BravinLee programs (is now a good time to point out that the show is up til June 5th?). Thank you so much, John.


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