6/23/10: New embroidery panel

June 23, 2010 at 7:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Clearly I was not meant to edition these artists books that I’ve been trying to edition for the last two weeks. Everything that could go wrong has, from my printer not working, to companies that I normally rely upon suddenly turning out really crappy work, and so on. I finally broke down and bought a new printer (hmm, a full set of ink cartridges costs $123, but a new printer with the cartridges in it is only $99? weird) and it arrived late today, only to have me realize that it requires some sort of bizarre USB cable that I’ve never seen before, that didn’t come with it, and I certainly don’t have. Awesome.

Well, tomorrow morning I’ll be off to get the damned USB cable and hopefully, after that, we’ll be rocking with the new books. Meanwhile, here’s the latest embroidery panel. I’m a few panels ahead, but I have been having problems documenting one of the panels. I decided in the end to skip it, and just move on showing you the rest of the series. There’s a brief break in the narrative, and that’s why.

Bah, the photo is a bit blurry! Today didn’t work out at all…


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