Newest etchings

July 14, 2010 at 9:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok, I’m starting to get the hang of this etching thing. I feel like I sort of get it now… not that I really 100% know what I’m doing (far from it) but more that I have a sense of, at least to a certain extent, what you can do with etching.

So, playing around, here are the keepers:

The plates are 4 x 6, so to make these tiny little lines, I had to make a tool fashioned out of a sewing needle taped to a chopstick. Actually, there are several that I made, in different size gauge needles. I like that anxious, scratchy line a lot, and the way in which you can get just so much detail.

I’m not actually printing these. I work on the plate, then turn it over to Shannon to finish. But working on the plates is pretty fun.



  1. Andrew Thornton said,

    Are you going to be selling them? Or is your gallery?

    And… you should check out spit-biting/aquatinting.

  2. amywilson said,

    Not sure yet what’s happening with them – might be my site, or might be through Diane Villani, who is a print publisher/dealer, or (most likely) a combo of both. Just trying to figure it all out right now!

  3. siouxsielaw said,

    These are incredible. I can’t imagine how many hours this must have taken. Please update when they are available and where.

  4. CR said,

    Holy cow! These are so beautiful. I can’t believe the plates are so tiny, the space inside seems huge.

  5. Andrew Thornton said,

    They are all wonderful! I’m particularly smitten with the last one. It hurts my heart good.

  6. amywilson said,

    thank you, guys!

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