The “boat book” (Am I worthy?)

November 2, 2010 at 2:39 pm (Uncategorized)

I have been swamped with a million different things going on, but finally… I finished the boat book!

The real title is Am I worthy? and this is what it looks like when it’s all wrapped up:

From the side, it looks like a big box. From up top, you can see the text on what is actually the “cover”:

The “front cover” and “back cover” meet in the middle, so that’s where you go to open it:

The top opens and unfolds. The sides are held in place with tied strings, but when you untie them, they very easily come off. Here’s a picture of one of the sides that’s come off:

So what you see in this picture is that one of the sails is actually attached to the inside of the side of the box. The light blue ties keep it in place. You untie the sail and set it up on the boat, and then tuck the rest of the side away (it’s not needed until you go to repack the box when you’re done).

The sails pop onto the main part of the boat that is just revealed by removing the sides. It sounds complicated, but they fit together like puzzle pieces – they just pop into place. Very quickly, you have this:

The inside of where the cover was reveals “pages” – simple pop-ups with text which spill off the table and onto the right and left hand sides. The boat itself is filled with text on the sails, and the book is read by starting with the centermost sail (the dark blue) and then working your way around the surrounding ones, and then reading the text that is on the cover.

It’s a bit of a crazy project and very hard to photograph! I hope you can see it at least a bit in these pictures.



  1. Katie A. said,

    Ahh, Amy, it looks so good. I wish I could see it in person!
    You are worthy, very worthy. ;]

  2. alana b. said,

    Wowzers, oh my, I really like it a lot!!

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