Not to make too big a deal of this…

April 11, 2011 at 9:27 pm (Uncategorized)

…but there’s a picture of Courtney Love nestled next to MOMA/PS1 curator Klaus Biesenbach on CL’s blog:

There are very few things that would make my heart explode into tiny little bits of pure happiness and joy quite as much as the thought of Ms. Love making art. I don’t want to jump to conclusions since I’ve seen little more than that picture; perhaps MOMA is merely shaking her down for money. But I’m just saying that a Courtney Love art show would be pretty fucking amazing. (Especially one called Whose* Sorry Now, but hey, I just pulled that out of nowhere. *sic)

Also, I was going to invite her to be in an exhibition I was invited to be in and then decided against it thinking, Oh, Courtney Love doesn’t make visual art… and now I feel really stupid. But still, this is all speculation on my part. Also, I am well aware that this is now the second CL post in way too soon, so I will stop now.


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