365 Days of Print update

May 23, 2011 at 10:04 am (Uncategorized)

I haven’t been the best contributor to 365 Days of Print, having fallen behind by quite a few days, but an article in yesterday’s Times really pushed me to come up with something. Titled “Need Therapy? A Good Man is Hard to Find,” the article is filled with all sorts of jaw-droppingly stupid quotes and assumptions about therapists, patients, and pretty much the world in general.

Male therapists are a minority. I can verify this, because my therapist is a guy, and I particularly sought out a male therapist when I was first looking and I ran into this shortage first hand. Of course the article never mentions that there might be actual female patients who, for whatever reason, want to have a male therapist, but this didn’t surprise me. (For the record: my first therapist ever who was chosen for me by my parents and physician when I was 16, happened to be male. We hit it off and got along really well. So when it came time for me to start therapy again six years ago, I had the vague sense that maybe I would want to find a male therapist to speak to. I wasn’t dead-set on this, and actually tried to book appointments with several women, only to find they weren’t accepting patients at that time. So as things wound up, my therapist ever since has been a man, and I’ve been extremely happy with him and the level of care I’ve gotten.)

The article focuses solely on men who want to see male therapists, which I suppose is fair enough. Ok, it’s a little weird that they’re focusing only on men who want to see, I assume, white therapists, because while we’re talking about minorities in the therapy world, it might be nice to mention that while a good man is hard to find, a black/Latino/Asian/etc therapist of either gender is even harder… but hey, bygones. Let’s pretend the article didn’t do that.

But it’s impossible to pretend that the article didn’t include this quote:

“There’s a way in which a guy grows up that he knows some things that women don’t know, and vice versa,” said David Moultrup, a psychotherapist in Belmont, Mass. “But that male viewpoint has been so devalued in the course of empowering little girls for the past 40 or 50 years that it is now all but lost in talk therapy. Society needs to have the choice, and the choice is being taken away.”

Which leads me back to the 365 Days of Print project, because I did this for it:

A day later and I’m still really pissed at this article. Seriously, this therapist needs to be ashamed of himself for saying stuff like this. It’s unbelievable. (But at least it gave me good fodder for 365dop. Cold comfort, but something.)


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  1. Coco said,

    Oh waah, men are suffering because women are being able to raise themselves up, its all their fault. Patriarchy affects men just as much guy. Now all is lost ? I cant even.

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