January 1, 2007 at 9:21 pm (art)

First drawing of the new year… I wanted to get started on something, just to lay my hands on a blank sheet of paper and get started, in honor of it being January 1st and everything. I’m playing around with brown wrapping paper, because it forces me to play with my palette a bit.

So here’s what the first try looks like. I’m thinking about movement, vulnerability, suspension…

I know I know I know: you can’t read the text. Let me work on these a little more and I swear I’ll scan them in larger so you can read it. This was more to get me started on it; to jump into ‘007 right away. Once I’m really happy with them, then the bigger pics will come…

Except, I have to say: I love the way the hands turned out on this one.

They’re (the hands, that is) really something for me to think about going forward.

Ok. This is enough to motivate me to get going on a few more, which I will post as soon as they’re done. Happy new year!


1 Comment

  1. Tomas said,

    Your first drawing of the new year…foretell the good future harvest.
    My best wishes

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