Spread from a little artist’s book I’m working on.

December 11, 2007 at 10:45 pm (Uncategorized)

I just started fooling around with this – it’s a new artist’s book, not even halfway done but I’m enjoying doing it. Have you seen the new sketchbooks they have at Da Vinci across the street from school? They’re great. They have about 25 pages in them (the perfect amount for an artist’s book) and are incredibly simple. Just softcover bound, with staples… nothing fancy. The paper is ok but not great, but fine for my purposes. I bought a stack because I want to make more books for sure.

Meanwhile, file under “Divine Intervention”: It would appear that the installation for the JC Museum show has been put off for a bit, as they need to have emergency construction on the roof directly above from where my show will be. On one hand I’m a little disappointed, as I want to get this thing installed and up already (this is at least the second if not third time it’s been postponed). And on the other? HOORAY!!! I HAVE MORE TIME TO PREPARE!! I’m thrilled. It truly is a miracle. Any sort of disappointment I felt quickly disappeared only to be replaced by the thrill of the idea of sleeping late on Christmas morning, rather than getting up as usual and going straight to work.

I didn’t realize how much pressure I felt from getting ready for the show until it let up and now I’m in a much better mood. Hooray, hooray. Installation will now be in March and the show will be up til June. Hooray.


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